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Women’s Work Lab are Working to Support Mums in Bath.

‘Women’s Work Lab’ is an organisation established in 2019 that is aimed at supporting mothers over the age of 25 who are looking to get back into work. The organisation runs programs for mothers who are over the age of 25, have been out of work for at least a year, and are in receipt of universal credit. These programs feature specialised training centring around confidence, values and strength and end with a work placement in Bath.

‘Women’s Work Lab’ are currently running digital one on one training from their hub in Mulberry Park where they work with mothers to uplift their confidence and help them find what they want to do with their work. The training is bespoke to each individual to ensure that every mother gets the most out of their experience.

The organisation has teamed up with countless businesses that are willing to give support by offering work placements. With three programs running over the next year, there are plenty of opportunities for struggling mothers to get back into work. ‘Women’s Work Lab’ has also teamed up with Smart Work to provide clothes to the mothers who may not have the attire needed for their work placements.

In the last year, 80% of mothers they trained were single parents, two-thirds of them were survivors of domestic abuse and 40% were of BME backgrounds. Recently, the organisation received over 40 applications for a program with just 15 spaces so they are now looking to expand their coaching offerings so the people they can’t support immediately can still get one on one coaching.

Founders and CEOs, Rachel and Camilla, come from professional backgrounds in PR and Communications and started the organisation because they wanted to enable more mothers to have the opportunities that they have. They say it’s inspiring to see the untapped talent of these mothers and the amazing things they go on to do.

If you’re a business and interested in offering a work placement or looking to sign up for the program, go to

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Words by Lauren Forester