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Headlines by Bath Echo

Breaking Bath by Petra Jones

Just about to get under way on the @RadioBath_com #SaturdaySport show (2-6pm). Plenty for all followers of @BathRugby @BathCity_FC @MELKSHAMTOWNFC @TeamBathNetball so stay with us and get involved: #RadioBathShoutOut email sport@radiobath.com, text 80011 with keyword Bath

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The Dave Mason Show: The Lost Sessions

"I presented on radio stations from the south west, Midlands, to the North of England, where we invited established and emerging chart acts to play acoustically. I found dozens of forgotten old reel to reel tapes in my attic during lockdown, containing songs, covers, parodies and eye-opening interviews. It really is a treasure trove of material, some from artists who are no longer with us" - Dave Mason.

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