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‘What is something you don’t own but you can give to anyone you meet? – Charity Julian House launches family-friendly ‘Code Breaker’ scavenger hunt to raise funds for Bath’s vulnerable.

Julian House, a charity supporting vulnerable people in Bath, is launching a scavenger hunt, running from the 24th July – 7th August 2021. 

This event is pivotal in helping Julian House continue their work for ‘at risk’ individuals across BANES.

Historically, Julian House has been known for helping homeless people in Bath. They run a hostel, or ‘Homeless Hotel’ on Manvers Street.

As well as their endeavours to remedy the ever-increasing issue of homelessness, Julian House also run more than 40 projects across the South West confronting and aiming to resolve other social issues.

Julian House also runs the only women’s refuge in BANES. This is designed to support women and children fleeing domestic abuse. Julian House also offer these services to men and trans individuals doing the same.

‘It’s been a tough year for everyone, not least the people who need our services’, says Jessica Gay, Julian House’s Senior Community and Events Fundraiser, ‘But this was a chance to do something for the community’. 

After having many events cancelled due to COVID-19, it was decided that a scavenger hunt was a fantastic, and accessible, way to get people involved.

Gay states she wanted to put on an event that was ‘really accessible for all different people’, and give people from Bath and beyond the ‘opportunity to do something a little bit different and have a bit of fun’. 

The scavenger hunt will operate on a ‘donate what you can’ basis. Gay hopes that this will make the event as accessible as possible for people from all backgrounds.

‘It doesn’t matter where they are in their lives’, she says, ‘they can enjoy it with family and friends as well’.

Family is at the heart of Julian House. Therefore, they’re offering two different routes on the scavenger hunt. One is the ‘family route’, which runs through centre of Bath and up to Victoria Park. This is aimed at families with young children. It’s also accessible for those who use a wheelchair. 

For older hunters, the hunt is done through an app; using your phone to scan QR codes on your journey. At each stop, you’ll be posed a riddle, deducing the ‘codewords’ that reveal the spot where the treasure is concealed.

Prizes are available for all, and include, afternoon tea for four at Royal Crescent Hotel, 2 x adult tickets to Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein, Gay Street, a family ticket to Chew Valley Animal Park, and more.

You can get more info, book tickets, and donate on Julian House’s website. Click the link below.

Breaking Bath · Interview with Jessica Gay

Words by Jonathan R Parsonage