Unividual is an award-winning financial services business that was first established in 2000 with offices in Bath and London. We are a family-run, indy business, with over 20 members of staff working hard to provide bespoke financial advice to people and businesses.
The name Unividual derives from the ethos that everyone is unique and individual, we do not stereotype, nor place people in “boxes”, your financial advice is tailored to you and your objectives. There is no “off-the-shelf” financial advice at Unividual. Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of all your finances, are keen to look at ethical investing or you just want to get started with a mortgage there will be a Chartered Financial Planner ready when you are.

The difference with Unividual is we have the best, highest qualified team of individuals in the industry who genuinely care about your success. So as you journey through the various milestones of life, we are able to proactively plan around your challenges and spot hidden opportunities.

“With a large office on the Upper Bristol Road in Bath we are not a silent business in the city. We put Unividual at the heart of Bath and enjoy getting involved in new projects and supporting causes that effect change in Bath. Radio Bath is one of the only local DAB radio stations to Bath and through the many amazing volunteers that make everything work, plays a vital role in bridging local people and businesses together. We want to be a part of supporting that. During COVID many of our local community hotspots were forced to close. We all got to experience first hand what isolation feels like and Radio Bath needs the financial support of people and businesses like us so they can continue to provide friendship to people, especially those that will continue to feel lonely even after the world starts to reopen again. Not only that but the talent Radio Bath houses means that we have a platform available to talk to the local community about vital topics in and around money, the economy and local business issues. Unividual wants to help people really understand that financial advice is cost-effective, that it is not just for the rich and famous. People are scared of money and often don’t seek advice because of the worry surrounding their situation. We want to open up these issues and talk about them freely so that we can take some of that worry away and provide local people and businesses a place where they can feel welcome to seek advice no matter their background, family structure or how complicated their financial structure is.” - Cherie-Anne Baxter, Marketing Director.