The UK’s biggest history festival kicks off this week

Learn how they lived in the Iron Age in their specially built round house, or traditional crafts, farming, and the role of women during the Second World War, enjoy Restoration-era horse racing and find out about the dark art of 19th century body-snatching. There will be a World War Two trench experience, Sword School, a vintage fairground, some of the country’s most brilliant, successful and eminent historians as well as late-night storytelling around the fire with Michael Wood, and fast and furious fun with the History Tellers.

One of the highlights of the festival will be an appearance from Dr Robert Morrison. Dr Gaby Malcolm recently interviewed Dr Robert Morrison about his book, Regency Revolution. Gaby is now introducing Robert at the Chalke Valley History Festival on Wednesday 22 June at 15.45.

The festival runs for 7 days with a rich and varied programme of fascinating talks and panel discussions given by leading thinkers and speakers, and the very best historians in the land as well as an expanded outdoor programme with living history displays, historical performances and interactive experiences. 

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