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‘The Reading Doctor’ started to help children with reading during lockdown.

A new, individually tailored learning experience for children.

By Lauren Forester

The reading doctor is an alternative way of learning aimed at those who struggle or simply don’t enjoy reading. This can be a brilliant option for those struggling in this area during homeschooling. 

Lisa Tanner started a project called ‘The Reading Doctor’ to help children who are struggling with reading, filling the gap closed schools has created. The project was started in August and through a lot of hard work and late nights they had 12 reading doctors across the country, offering support to young children.

A typical session with a reading doctor starts with handwriting to ease children into the mood. Then, they move onto the subject of the book and talk about the plot to ensure the child understands what they’re reading. They then move on to the actual reading of the book, picking out difficult words and breaking them down to help children learn to break down words themselves and gain a better understanding.

The reading doctors teach each child bespoke strategies for them to use so they can become a confident reader, read for enjoyment and move forward with their learning.

Listen to Lisa Tanner talk more about The Reading Doctor in the interview below!

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