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The Blooming Great Tea Party

Marie Curie hopes to raise money to help our loved ones. Here’s how you can help.

By Amber Hill

Places like Marie Curie, which provide essential end-of-life care to our loved ones, have really struggled over the last couple of years. They, too, have been no exception to the systematic lockdowns and restrictions that were placed within our country. Their staff have had to comply to more rules than ever, fighting for PPE, fighting to provide the best service that they can during an impossible time.

However, now that these restrictions have been lifted, it is time for us to give back and ensure that organisations like Marie Curie have the funds to do what they do best. The Blooming Great Tea Party is the perfect opportunity to do this. Preferably hosted during the months of June or July, Marie Curie urge people to get together over a cup of tea or a piece of cake to raise money which would go towards maintaining the support and information services that Marie Curie provide.

Community Fundraiser at the company, Lynda Thomas, is excited to see people come together for a good cause, especially after we have been so isolated for so long.

“It’s a great excuse to get together, and while doing that you are helping a good cause.”

The Blooming Great Tea Party, with its rather iconic name, has seen great feedback in the past. Some have gone beyond hosting a simple gathering and even set up raffles or cake sales to support the cause. Whether it be with friends, family, or co-workers, raising money to support Marie Curie and, in turn, our loved ones, has never been easier. It has been suggested that people can combine the tea party with their celebrations this Jubilee weekend, since much of the UK are already coming together to socialise this bank holiday.

We’re here to support everyone in the UK through all aspects of dying, death and bereavement – and to fight for a world where everyone gets to lead the best life they can, right to the end


This fundraiser is in aid of Marie Curie’s many services. This includes preparing for a bereavement, helping people with a terminal illness and their families to come to terms with their approaching death, as well as how to deal with grief after the event. Lynda and her colleagues are dedicated in their pursuit of providing the best possible end of life experience as they can.

For more information on The Blooming Great Tea Party and what kinds of things you can do, click here.