The Bath Gin Company

You will find The Bath Gin Company on Queen Street in the heart of Bath’s city centre.

The Bath Gin Company was Bath’s first gin distillery for 250 years, reviving a tradition of small-batch distilling that was effectively wiped out by the Gin Acts of the 18th century.

After many years of having to produce their expertly crafted gin in London, for the past seven years it’s been made right here in Bath – distilled on Monmouth St in the centre of the city and mixed into cocktails in the Canary Gin Bar just along the road (which we highly recommend as a drinking spot, by the way – as you’d expect, since they follow it from still to glass, these chaps really know their gin).

We’re proud to have such a fantastic local gem as one of our Patrons, and you can find out all about The Bath Gin Company here.