Submersed ★★★

The water levels are rising and this is imaginatively illustrated in Submersed, a show part of Sparkfest an online and in person festival at Bath Spa University.

The two performers Adriana and Edwina Pereira, work with water, shadows, in pairs and alone. They have taken an inspired approach with their fluidity in and out of the water.

The question is ‘are we going to live under water?’ The text that flies by talks of 216 million people living below sea level or regularly flooded by 2100. A scary vision. This creative piece calls for action. NOW.

The directors Joane Dore, Camila Barros and Edwina Pereira have taken the approach of scaring people, especially with the electronic music that interrupts like a bad Skype call. The music is composed by Larch and titled ‘A long extinct species’, very apt for this performance.

In just over three minutes the creatives manage to drive home the message that there is no time to waste anymore, particularly when there is heavy breathing to be heard.

Review by Monique Gadella