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Sam Selva Started ‘Selva Plant Projects’ in Lockdown to Sell Plants in Bath and Bristol.

‘Selva Plant Projects’ was started by Sam Selva in September 2020. They began by acquiring plants from Facebook Marketplace and selling them at a pop-up stall in Keynsham. They soon looked into a supplier so they could consistently sell a wide range of plants.

The plants sold by ‘Selva Plant Projects’ are all houseplants such as hanging plants, indoor and outdoor plants, some foliage, some flowering, some hardy, some for beginners, some for more advanced plant owners and even some bonsai trees. They get fresh stock every other day and try to keep a mixed and wide range of plants. They also 3D printed plant pots made by a designer in Bristol and macrame plant hangers made by Sam himself.

While the second lockdown meant they couldn’t sell plants at their pop-up shop, it allowed ‘Selva Plants Projects’ to build up their online presence through Instagram and get their website ready for online sales. However, they are now able to sell plants at their stall in Keynsham again, from 10am to 3pm just off the highstreet. On top of that, they do online orders with local deliveries by Sam himself.

In the future, ‘Selva Plant Projects’ are hoping to expand to have stalls in Bath and Bristol. To learn more, go to

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Words by Lauren Forester