Out of Africa

Monday: 9pm - 10pm

Music from every genre

The show that brings you music from every genre from across the entire continent. From Cape Town to Cairo from Madagascar to Mali. Chimurenga, pop, jit, classical, folk, traditional, metal, gwana, blues, choral, orchestral, high-life, palm wine, rock, gumba gumba - if it’s music made in Africa and it’s good then Out of Africa will be bringing it to you for your enjoyment.

And it's not just music...

The show that is about all that is good and vibrant and exciting from the African music scene. And it’s not just music, the show will give updates on TV, Film, Literature, Food from the continent and some helpful facts about the Country from where the musicians are coming from.

We will also be talking to listeners who either come from Africa or who have strong connections with a part of the continent. Talking about their home in Africa and their home in Bath and Wilts. And importantly listening to some of their favourite tracks from home.

It's great to meet you

I am Paul Crossley and for 30 years I worked in IT and over 6 of those years I worked in Zambia and Liberia. I have always been a music fan and my first African concert was seeing Osibisa in 1971. That gave me a love for the music of the Continent and a whole new world of different sounds and styles to enjoy. In Zambia I enjoyed the local bands playing at the Shabeens or the Clubs.

Since moving to Bath in 1984 I have taken every opportunity to attend African concerts at venues such as the Forum. And now I am delighted to be able to share with you this wide range of music Out of Africa.