Nikki & Tim talk to Adam Fouracre – Stand Against Violence

Nikki and Tim met Adam Fouracre, founder of Stand Against Violence about the tragic death of his younger brother who was murdered the day before his 18th birthday, in Taunton.

Since this life changing and catastrophic event, Adam has campaigned tirelessly to minimise the levels of violent crime on the streets. In 2019 there were 1.4 million incidences of violence in England and Wales with 60% of these incidents involving young people and assault the second leading cause of hospital admissions for males aged 15-24.

Stand Against Violence now has a team of highly trained, Violence Prevention Practitioners, who work with children from primary school age, through adolescence, up to 25 years, aiming to reach young people early, so that they have the skills and awareness to chose to make their own decisions and create positive futures. 

If you are someone motivated to bring about any form of social change then this is a story you need to read. It is a powerful tale of moving forwards out of adversity, and what happened to one of the perpetrators involved in his brother’s murder to bring him to the point where he takes someone’s life.

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You can buy Adam’s book here – and all proceeds go towards Stand Against Violence.