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‘Middle Ground Growers’ Started to Promote Ecological Farming and Healthy Eating.

Hamish Evans started Ecological Farming Organisation to Deliver Fresh Vegetables to the Residents of Bath.

Hamish Evans started ‘Middle Ground Growers’ a couple of years ago after travelling and learning about permaculture and the importance of ecological growing. The organisation delivers vegetable boxes by bike to people in Bath to provide them with fresh, locally grown vegetables. They also deliver to people living on canals where road deliveries are a difficulty.

In their Bathampton gardens, they grow dozens of varieties of vegetables, raise 50 free-range laying chickens, keep bees, grow mushrooms and even have their own orchards. They also sell plants and provide training and education for those looking to join them.

The pandemic has boosted the farm as people have more time to go to the farm and buy fresh food as well as people’s plans changing and the importance of buying locally has become more prevalent. ‘Middle Ground Growers’ also hold workshops and plant sales to help people looking to grow at home. They are hoping to begin selling their own seed as well as continuing to share their knowledge and skills when they interact with their customers.

Evans was motivated to start the organisation by the environmental crisis the younger generation is facing and the importance of growing ecologically where sustainable food production is a big solution. He was also inspired by the number of people disillusioned by options for work and find that farming offers enjoyable and meaningful work. 

‘Middle Ground Growers’ will be advertising traineeships for five new trainees from June to September which will be unpaid until they can receive more funding. The traineeships will be held two days a week and will include theory and practical modules, as well as workshops.

To get involved, go to to get a vegetable box or you can email them at:, or call the farm at: 07708006001.

Listen to Hamish Evans talk more below!

Breaking Bath · Interview with Hamish Evans

Words by Lauren Forester