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Local Charity Mentoring Plus, supporting vulnerable young people in the area calls out to places in Bath such as the Roman Baths and the new Bath Heritage Centre in an appeal to get involved in any projects they may have coming up.

Mentoring Plus is a charity working with vulnerable young people aged 7 – 25. It enables, through various means including one-on-one guidance, young people from BANES to be heard. They aim, and succeed, in catching problems in the bud; allowing these young people to move outside of their current circumstances and greet the future with confidence.

Currently, Mentoring Plus is in collaboration with The Holburne Museum. Young people are being included in set-building for ‘The Wave’ an upcoming production in the grounds of the museum and have already constructed a sea serpent made of bamboo and willow. 

After the success of this collaboration, Mentoring Plus is appealing to be a calling point for other collaborators. They welcome invites for the young people they mentor to get involved, and volunteer towards great causes. They’d specifically like to work with The Roman Baths and the New Bath Heritage Centre.

Zoe Macintyre, a Youth Practitioner at Mentoring Plus says, ‘A lot of this year has been telling people ‘you can’t do this”, and states that doing collaborations like the one with The Holburne Museum is a great way to enable these young people after a year of isolation.

Zoe remarks that young people need to ‘see that they’re part of the community that they’ve been raised in’. She hopes that such collaborative opportunities will remind them that, no matter what their circumstances are, the community is still thinking of them, and actively encouraging them to have brighter futures.

Get in touch for information about collaborating with Mentoring Plus at:

Breaking Bath · Interview with Zoe Macintyre

Words by Jonathan R Parsonage