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Join novelist Harriet Evans at this year’s Bath Festival

Bath festival is renowned for its top-class line up and its intriguing activities – here’s what to expect

By Amber Hill

Bath festivals has a reputation for putting on an amazing event, with acts for everyone. Whether you are interested in music, history, literature, or even walking tours, the festival will have something that interests you.

Despite the hardship and restrictions of the last few years, the team at Bath festivals has still managed to plan an intriguing event this year. Kicking off on Friday 13th with Party in the City, people are invited to really soak up the vast amount of talent that Bath has to offer, whether they be recognised artists or newcomers hoping to network and make a name for themselves.

For novelist Harriet Evans, author of 13 best selling novels including The Beloved Girls, the festival gives the residents of Bath the opportunity to see their home in a new light.

“It gives people a chance to enjoy the city that we live in,” she says, as she explains her role within the festival. Even though she writes for a living, sometimes cooped up in her bedroom and disconnected from the outside world, Harriet has agreed to share some of her top tips for aspiring writers, including how to get started. By sharing a few of her career highlights, she hopes to share invaluable knowledge about the publishing industry and how to make it at a time when becoming a best-seller is increasingly difficult for many people.

It isn’t all work and no play, however. Harriet is also eager to take part in a walking tour of Bath, which can take many variations. For example, one tour promises a glimpse into our war-torn past, explaining how the blitz affected the lives of our ancestors. Another takes a more modern approach, giving people an insight into how and where the famous programme Bridgerton is filmed.

Additionally, she hopes to reconvene with her fellow writers, including Katherine Rundell, a children’s author who has written titles including Rooftoppers and the ever-so-festive One Christmas Wish.

Taking part in events like these keeps Harriet busy, which she admits she likes. She is currently working on another novel to add to her collection of published works. She describes the novel as somewhat of a ‘mystery.’ All we really know so far is that it’s about a professional woman who’s forced to reckon with her past and that it takes place on Exmoor, a place that she holds close to her heart. She often uses locations like these to inform her writing.

I get a picture in my mind, I don’t look for it but that tends to be what the next book is about

Harriet Evans, Author

The festival officially runs from the 14th-21st of May.

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