Future Bright: helping Ukrainians rebuild their lives

Employment Progression Agency, Future Bright, is eager to provide job opportunities for the displaced people of Ukraine

By Amber Hill

The Ukrainian war has caused thousands of people to be forced out from their country, leaving them no choice but to rebuild their lives somewhere else. But for many, living in a foreign place with little contacts or sense of community can be challenging.

Future Bright, a careers organisation based in Bath, has sought out to help these individuals with finding work, which would give them income and a greater social connection. On the 23rd of June there will be a job fair, which would introduce Ukrainian nationals to employers and help them to see what kind of work is available and what they would be suited to.

Simon Graham, a Careers Progression Coach, is excited to see the impact that this could have on people’s lives.

“They [Ukrainian refugees] just want to get on with their lives,” he says. “This isn’t surprising, given the circumstance.’

In his experience, these individuals just want to work and have something to focus on, which would allow them to feel at home in the UK. As is stated on the company’s LinkedIn, Future Bright believes that ‘NOW is the time to re-ignite the Ukrainian talent to build successful businesses.’

We want to make a difference in their lives

Simon Graham, Careers Coach for Future Bright

For those that are unable to attend the event, there is a drop-in centre in Bath City Centre Library, which provides advice for those looking for a job.

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