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Fox and Kit Open for Takeaways.

Local Cafe is offering some lockdown special services.

By Lauren Forester

Fox & Kit is a parent-friendly cafe, located in The Corridor. It’s run by a woman named Flis and is a very calm and relaxed place, perfect for parents to take a break or to take their children for lunch.

The cafe is an excellent place for new parents, who may be feeling lonely and isolated, to meet others in the same situation. Before the pandemic, there was a real sense of community in the cafe where friends would meet to have lunch together and let their children play.

While Flis is disheartened that she can’t keep the cafe open and be there for people the way they usually are, the safety of her customers comes first. Flis has opted to keep the cafe open for takeaways every Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm with the whole lunch menu available for takeaways, as well as all the hot drinks and cakes.

Fox & Kit are also offering ‘Lockdown Boxes’ which consists of lunches for adults and children, treats for all and a craft activity for parents and children to do together. This is the perfect option for busy parents who need a break where pre-prepared food is a big help. The boxes are on sale every Sunday until they’re all sold or until Thursdays at 2 o’clock and can be found on the Fox & Kit website.

To support Flis, visit Fox & Kit for a delicious lunch or treat yourself with a cake and coffee. Listen to her talk more below!

Breaking Bath · Flis from the Fox & Kit