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‘Everyday Wild’ – Lucy Anderson has created a monthly challenge to encourage people to get outdoors.

Take part in the challenge for a chance to win a goodie bag filled with local products.

By Lauren Forester

Environmental management lecturer at Bath Spa University, mum and personal trainer, Lucy Anderson has used her love of the outdoors to create ‘Everyday Wild’. Each week Anderson posts a new 20-minute activity to do in nature on her social media (

Studies have shown that spending even 20 minutes a day outside can calm anxiety, boost your mood and is even proven to have long-term psychological benefits. Anderson aims to spread happiness through her love of nature by inspiring people to spend time outdoors, noticing nature and engaging with plants, birds and the wildlife around them as it has a very positive benefit on mental wellbeing.

Doing the same walk over and over can get very tedious so ‘Everyday Wild’ was launched to bring weekly activities that range from scavenger hunts to crafts to mindfulness in nature to spice up people’s time outside. The activities are also inclusive to children so any homeschooling parent can include their children on their daily or weekly walk. 

To add incentive to get involved in nature, Anderson has created a monthly prize draw with gifts from local businesses. To enter, all you have to do is get outdoors each week and share your wild adventures with the ‘Everyday Wild’ community by tagging them ( and using the hashtag #everyweekwild.

Listen to the lovely Lucy Anderson talk about Everyday Wild in the interview below!

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