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Jo, Gracie and Nick - The Earth Matters Team 

March 2024

In today's program Gracie provides a sound scape from the Young Green Creators Youth Climate Hub recently held in Bath looking at new ways to ensure the voice of young people is heard in meeting the challenges of the climate and ecological emergency. This seamlessly feeds into Joanna's item speaking to Mandy and Carmen from Climate Hub BANES about the Climate Hub Springtime Assembly taking place in the Assembly Rooms in the centre of Bath.

Meanwhile Nick speaks to London 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist Etienne Stott who is the UK spokesperson for the Global Insure Our Futures campaign that has a week of action across the globe in March. The campaign is working to encourage the insurance industry to stop insuring fossil fuel projects and to become part of the solution to climate breakdown rather than its cause.

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Climate Hub Springtime Assembly

Insure Our Futures

February 2024

In today's program Nick chats with Katherine Piper from Future Leap, an organisation that is focused on supporting businesses to realise their net zero ambitions.

Gracie speaks to Oliver Wallis, a locally based storyteller and artist about his work and particularly his involvement with the Patchlarks Project that uses storytelling to encourage children and young people to connect with the natural world.

Joanna talks to Fiona Bell, Bath's Volunteer of the Year, about the amazing work she gets involved in. They talk particularly about the Bath Urban Treescape Project aimed at encouraging both residents and visitors to explore the beautiful city of Bath through its trees.

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Future Leap


Bath Urban Treescape

January 2024

In today's episode Nick speaks to Louise and Lee from the Greener Health Project, a collaboration between the Wiltshire Mental Health Inclusion Service and the Charity Rethink. The project aims to improve wellbeing through engagement in activity that also nurtures the environment.

Joanna speaks to Anna Hughes, founder of Flight Free UK about their campaign to encourage people to consider alternatives to air travel. Whilst Gracie share a conversation with Mimi about their involvement in Young Green Creatives developing climate related events for young people across Bath.

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Flight Free UK

Wiltshire Mental Health Inclusion Service


December 2023

In this, our festive season edition we take a grow, make, bake approach to Christmas. Joanna takes on the grow theme and speaks to Carol Stone at Alice Park Community Gardens in Bath about their work on growing a community.

Gracie leads on the make theme and shares time with Clem, head florist at Heart of BS13 in Bristol who talks about the community building work they do in Hartcliffe, they also share ideas for making a more sustainable Christmas. Nick indulges his passion for baking with a trip to Basil's Bakery in Bath where he meets Nula and Basil, learns about their journey from their native Greece to the UK and how their bakery aims to bring cultures together through the wonderful smells and tastes of baking.

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Alice Park

Heart of BS13

Basil's Bakery

Louise Harris

November 2023

In today's show we share some sounds from the recent Unite To Survive climate emergency event that took place in Bath. Gracie speaks with Penny Hay, Prof of Imagination at Bath Spa Uni, about her work with local young people and the Forrest of Imagination Project.

Joanna speaks to Kate Uzzell from the RoadPeace Charity about the work of the charity and her very personal reasons for being involved in this campaign. Nick speaks with sustainable futures educator Carra Santos, who lives in Bath and is working to encourage the adoption of Doughnut Economics as a pathway toward a sustainable future.

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Doghnut Economicst

Road Peace

October 2023

In today's show Laura McAllister (University of the West of England, UWE) talks about the new climate change course on offer to all students and staff at the University - a first for a UK University.

Gracie and Joanna both attended the recent Blue Earth Summit (, over 3 days Bristol played host to 5,000+ decision makers, industry pioneers, provocative thought-leaders, sustainability trailblazers, insightful solutionists and boundary-pushing start ups. Gracie and Joanna share their experiences of the event including an interview with Oge Ejizu from the organisation Black Girls Hike (

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Blue Earth Summit

Black Girls Hike

September 2023

In today's show Jo and Nick are delighted to welcome Gracie Allen to the Team. Gracie grew up in Bath and has just finished her A Levels. Like many young people her age she has a keen interest in how the world is responding to climate change and is keen to bring the perspective of young people to the show. In today's programme she speaks with Pim Sullivan-Tailyour, a climate justice activist from Bath.

Nick is on the Isle of Skye on the West coast of Scotland and visit Rubha Phoil, a regenerative culture community where he speaks to the current custodian about life on the island and the origins and vision of the community. Jo returns to Bath Abbey where she interviews the Revd Stephen Girling about the Gaia (wonderful earth) Festival taking place in around the Abbey.

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Rubha Phoil

Bath Abbey Gaia Festiva

August 2023

In today's show Jo reflects on her recent visit to Braunschweig in Germany, a twin city with Bath since 1951. Jo also speaks with Sally Cook from Bath Natural Burial Meadow about the services they offer.

Nick spends a lovely morning at Bath City Farm speaking to Alison Howell about all the great work the farm does. Jo and Nick are also delighted to welcome Gracie Allen to the Earth Matters Team. Gracie talks about the work she's doing with Avon Schools Eco Network to highlight the voices of young people in response to the climate and ecological emergency.

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Bath Natural Buriel

Bath City Farm

Avon Schools Eco Network

July 2023

In today's show we speak to Professor David Coley from Bath University about his ground breaking research into the impact global warming will have on our weather. Dan Thompson, Co-Founder and Director of the Running Out Of Time relay talks about the exciting journey from Ben Nevis to Big Ben.

James Levelle, filmmaker, talks about his recently released film Race for Future that amplifies the voices of young people with their concerns for the future of our planet. The show concludes with an interview of Rosie Anderson, a dendrologist from Westonbirt Arboretum, about her important role protecting our varied tree life.

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David Coley

Running Out of Time

James Levelle


June 2023

In today's show we hear from Steve Melia aka The Green Travel Writer who talks about sustainable travel and how you can still experience the thrill and awe of travel without damaging our planet

Oliver Langdon and Caroline Garland from Kilter Theatre Company talk to the show about the origins and work of the company.

Nick talks to Sam Ross and Saskia Heijltjes 2 recently elected Green Councillors from Bath and North East Somerset Council. They share their priorities for the next 4 years and how they hope to positively influence the local community

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Green Travel Writer

Kilter Theatre

May 2023

In today's show we hear from Peter Capener, Managing Director of Bath and West Community Energy about the amazing work they do to bring affordable, sustainable energy to the area.

There's also coverage from the recent collaborative climate change event held in London called the Big One which brought together lots of groups with a shared interest in preventing climate breakdown and building sustainable futures. The Bath area was well represented as you'll hear.

We also talk to two local artists, Clare Day and Alison Harper about the inspirational work they do

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Bath and West Community Energy

April 2023 - EM Show 19 (April 2023) listen again link

In this show we hear from Professor Loraine Whitmarsh MBE of Bath University about the recent and important United Nations report on Climate Change (UN IPCC Report). John Godman talks about the Frome International Climate Film Festival taking place in Frome on 13th May (Festival link)

Ben Aldiss provides exciting insights into the lives and worlds of amphibians at this time of year and Jo speaks to Wil Hardwick from the No15 Hotel in Bath about their efforts to be a sustainable and climate neutral business

March 23 - EM Show 18 (March 23) listen again link

In this show Ben returns with a wonderful spring reminder of the amazing daffodil

Jo talks to Bevis Watts, Bath resident, passionate conservationist, CEO of Triodos Bank and author of River Journey, a book about searching for wild beavers on the River Avon. Jo also gets an update on the progress of the Bath and North East Somerset Climate Hub from Sue Poole and Mandy Lake. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the recent award of charitable status to the project.

Nick catches up with Richard Baxter from the Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN web link) about the result of the recent appeal against the outcome of the planning inquiry into an application to expand the airport. They also talk about next steps for the Network in continuing to campaign against expansion.

Feb 23 - EM Show 17 (Feb 23) listen again link

In this program the team return to the topic of future proofing buildings given the recent huge rise in the cost of power. Jo talks to Alex Sherman of the Bath Preservation Trust and local architect Tobias Lemberg who provide expert insight with local focus on the buildings of Bath and the surrounding area.

Meanwhile Nick talks with Rob Stephens of Avon Wildlife Trust whose 17,000 members and over 650 volunteers do great work in preserving and creating vital natural habitats in and around Bath

Jan 23 - EM Show 16 (Jan 23) listen again link

Jo and Nick see in 2023 with a conversation about the books that have influenced their lives, with a particular focus on the environment and sustainable living

Dec 22 - EM Show 15 (Dec 22) listen again link

In this program Ben shares insights into the strategies employed by the natural to cope with the challenges of winter. This is Ben's last show as a co-host and everyone at Radio Bath thanks him for his invaluable contribution, he will be missed.

Jo speaks to Suzi Bancroft, a local artist who uses the resources of the natural world around us all to develop her art. This includes produce to dye fabric and also the sounds of the natural, such as bird song, to frame her work.

Nick talks with Zac Gratton from Loop Frome about their project to create a local circular economy using food waste produced across their town. Zac provides a model that could easily be developed in other communities.

Nov 22 - EM Show 14 (Nov 22) listen again link

In this program Nick talks to Mike Lewis, Professor of Operations and Supply Management at Bath University, about the appeal being heard in Bristol against the expansion of Bristol Airport. He also interview Lois Player from the Centre for Climate and Social Transformation (CAST web link) in Bath about their recent world leading research into the prevalence and impact of climate linked anxiety

Jo speaks to Wil Duckworth and Andrew Richman from the Sustrans walking, wheeling and cycling charity about the great work volunteers do to maintain and improve cycle routes around Bath. Jo also caught up with Dave Searby from Extinction Rebellion Bath (Extinction Rebellion web link) as part of a recent march in the City linked to COP 27

Oct 22 - EM Show 13 (Oct 22) listen again link

In this episode Ben provides illuminating commentary on galls and rhizomes. Galls are a reaction by a plant to a parasite whilst rhizomes are a horizontal underground stem specific to a small range of plants.

Nick shares an interview with Jonathan, the manager of Avonleigh Organic Orchard, about his plans to move from conventional organic farming toward a permaculture food production model.

Jo has a busy time firstly speaking to Karen, a Bath hairdresser, about her environmentally conscious approach to her profession. She also re-visits the Roots Allotments project with William and Ed to get an update on progress. Finally Jo speaks with Charlotte and Rowen about the Parents for Future campaign

Sept 22 - EM Show 12 (Sept 22) listen again link

On todays program Ben shares his passion for the British hedgerow describing the role they play as the arteries for wildlife across our countryside.

Nick chats with Councillor Sarah Warren (B&NES Council Cabinet Member for the Climate Emergency) about the Climate and Biodiversity Festival taking place across Bath and North East Somerset throughout September.

Nick also interviews Fousseney Traore, a climate activist from Mali, West Africa. Fousseney is seeking asylum in the UK with the support of a group of Bath residents.

Jo goes on the road to Bath Abbey and speaks to Nathan Ward about the Footprint Project. As part of the project the heating system of the Abbey is being updated to take advantage of warm spring waters to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

Aug 22 - EM Show 11 (Aug 22) listen again link

In our latest episode Jo chats with Dave Andrews of the Claverton Energy Group about his work, over many years, to influence decisions on energy provision given the climate emergency. She also talks to Matt, a local representative of Extinction Rebellion, about that organisations plans for action in September.

Ben gives us insight into the magical world of caterpillars whilst Nick speaks to Maurice Avent, past Chair of the Butterfly Conservation Society. Maurice is the custodian of a site of special scientific interest near Castle Combe that he manages in a way that encourages a wide diversity of butterflies and moths to call it their home.

July 22 - EM Show 10 (July 22) listen again link

In our latest episode Ben's nature items are about orchids and eels.

Jo speaks to Helmet van Emden (Emeritus Prof of Horticulture at Reading Uni) about his work on insect-plant interactions.

Nick speaks to Sue Poole (Secretary of the Bath and NE Somerset Climate Emergency Hub) about the outreach work going on in Bath to encourage the community to learn more about the climate emergency.

June 22 - EM Show 9 (June 22) listen again link

In our latest episode you can hear part 2 of Ben’s interview with Dave Waters from the Great Bustard Group. They talk about the efforts being made to ensure local habitat is maintained so that Great Bustards can thrive in the South West.

Jo chats with Dr Kate Petty from Bath Spa University about the No Mow May Campaign. This national event is about encouraging us all to allow our lawns, verges and other grassy areas to grow and host wild flowers and insects throughout May.

Nick talks to Mike Andrews of the Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts (CHEESE) Group about the services they offer to local households.

Ben also delivers an item on spiders giving us an insight into to this diverse arachnid group

May 22 - EM Show 8 (May 22) listen again link

In the latest show Jo talks to Ed and William about their innovative Roots Allotments project making access to an allotment easier for more people.

Ben takes to Salisbury Plain to observe the Great Bustard, the world's largest flying bird, in the company of David Waters from the Great Bustard Group.

Nick speaks to Sally and Paul, 2 Bath residents who are climate activists involved in the Just Stop Oil campaign (Just Stop Oil web link) that recently targeted oil distribution centres in the South East and Midlands. They share what motivates them to participate in this controversial action.

Jo also talks to Professor Tim Mays from Bath University about his work on hydrogen fuels. A crucial new source of power as we look to move away from a dependency on fossil fuels

April 22 - EM Show 7 (April 22) listen again link

As well as the usual “fun facts” this show includes an interview from Joanna with Lesley Bees a member of the Larkhall Festival Committee talking about plans for this year’s Festival

Ben’s nature slot is about house martins, birds that are nesting all over our community at this time of year

Nick speaks to Rob Bryher and Kate Atkinson about the ongoing Car Free Project in Bristol. Kate was a participant in the recent trial and Rob also talks about how people in the greater Bath area could get involved in the next stage of the project.

Jo also talks to Chris Nicholson from the No Place For Litter community group about the groups work in and around Bath

March 22 - EM Show 6 (March 22) listen again link

This show includes an interview with Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh from Bath University about her role as an author of the recent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report Impacts, Adaptations and Vulnerability. A crucial piece of work in our evolving response to the Climate emergency

Ben's nature piece concentrates on the signs of spring whilst Jo speaks to Dr Gemma Clucas, a scientists based at Cornell University in the US, who is working with colleagues at Bath University to understand how climate change is effecting the penguin population of Antarctica

There's also a fascinating interview with Guy Wilcox, a 19 year old Bath resident, talking about his role as part of the Charlcombe Lane Toad Rescue Project

Feb 22 - EM Show 5 (Feb 22) listen again link

The topic for this months show is habitats and homes;

Ben hosts a visit to his garden where he explains how a pond and living roof provide homes for a huge range of flora and wildlife

Jo speaks with Funda Kemel, a Bath based architect, about how we can make our homes more energy efficient

Following the outcome of the public enquiry into Bristol Airport expansion Nick speaks again to North Somerset Councillor Bridget Petty about next steps for the Council

Jo, Ben and Nick come together for a conversation with Mark Ellerby (Bath based Architect) and Will Kirkman (MD of Eco-merchant in Swindon) about the growing interest in sustainable building and home improvement

Jan 22 - EM Show (Jan 22) listen again link

Dec 21 - EM Show 3 (Dec 21) listen again link

Nov 21 - EM Show 2 (Nov 21) listen again link

Oct 21 - EM Show 1 (Oct 21) listen again link