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Dorothy House Hospice Care: Women’s Midnight Walk

By Amber Hill

How bringing together the local community helps provide vital end of life support

Supporting local charities and causes is more important than ever, especially when the issue touches the people that we know. It is a terrible truth that many of us would have visited someone in a hospice, or even had to arrange care for our loved ones in their time of need.

For Dorothy House Hospice Care, support from the community is essential to allow them to provide the best end of life care they can, while also giving people affected the chance to unwind and socialise in a safe, positive space. Putting on fun events and activities throughout the year encourages just that; the women’s-only midnight walk is no different.

Happening on Saturday 11th June at the Pavilion, Dorothy House invites women over the age of 14 to embark on a neon-themed midnight adventure, touring Bath City Centre and scenic routes like Victoria Park. Complete with a free T-shirt and much-needed pastries, the 5km walk will bring the community together to work towards a common goal, before heading home at about 2am.

Get glowing in your neon outfits and join us this June, walking to raise funds for vital end of life care in your local community

Dorothy House Website

Costing only £20 to enter, it is hoped that the charity can raise money to aid their essential hospice-at-home carers, who work tirelessly to ensure the wellbeing of our family and friends. The money will also go to an advice hotline, which provides support for anyone in our community who needs help dealing with life-threatening illness.

For Community and Events Fundraiser of Dorothy House Hospice Care, Emily Aspin, recognising the hard work that these men and women do is key. Quoting a staff member, Aspin emphasises the importance of their role.

“Almost every family we support say that they can cope in the day, but it’s the night they struggle with on their own”. With the night staff on hand, people can get the rest that they really need. As is mentioned on the Dorothy House website, ‘caring can be very rewarding, but it can also be hard work and stressful’. Having a professional on-hand to talk and comfort your loved one can help with this.

Previous walks have had really positive feedback. Aspin promotes bringing women of all ages together. “It’s so nice to be together as women, they can talk and go over their problems, but also let their hair down and have fun as well”.

For more information on how to sign up, click here.