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Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Steve welcomed Jo McDiarmid to Radio Bath recently, as a representative of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. The charity are based in Bath and focus on helping young people achieve their potential on and off the track and field.

Bath has a rich history of supporting the nations sporting talent, and the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust puts world class athletes shoulder to shoulder with young people. Equipping them with a winning mindset and shaping their futures – it’s a teammate like no other. They believe every young person deserves an opportunity to be the best version of themselves. Whether that’s building relationship skills, improving self-esteem or learning to stay focused, our sporting champions help the next generation move forward with confidence. They deliver transformational programmes for young people in education, community and health settings, improving their wellbeing and unlocking their potential.

We all know athletes are inspirational role models. The positivity of their can-do, never quit attitude could benefit us all. The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust provides specialist training to enable these sportspeople to harness their unique skillset and pass it on to others, working directly with young people and also with our corporate partners. It’s a winning combination which gets incredible results.

Find out more about the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust here.