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Curious Strolls Bath – Fay Greenhalgh and Alison Levy to Start a Unique Tour Guide Business Once Visitors Return to Bath.

‘Curious Strolls Bath’ are a group of professional guides, actors and colleagues who have come together during lockdown in 2020. They wish to welcome visitors to Bath (post lockdown) and inform them of the delights of the city and entertain them during their stay. They plan to offer both public and private themed walking tours of Bath. 

They offer several private walks for up to 10 people featuring aspects of Bath’s history, architecture, former residents, visitors and entrepeneurs such as:

  • Simply Jane Austen (and other famous ladies):  A tour of Jane Austen’s Bath.
  • What Lies Beneath:  More macabre and sinister tours.
  • Bath Architectural Tour: A tour of Bath’s main architectural highlights.
  • The Waters Of Bath: The Waters that made Bath famous from Celtic times to present day.
  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel: A tour of the famous engineers achievements in Bristol and Bath.
  • Bridgerton: A new Regency Style Tour taking in the film trail of the latest Netflix Drama to hit our screens.

For visitors on a short stay in Bath they offer walks, talks, activities and visits to local restaurants and cafes as part of a package with local hotels and businesses. Visitors are encouraged to join in wearing period costumes that are provided via Bath Theatrical Costume Hire to bring history to life. They also work with photographers and video producers for an extra charge to provide a lasting memento of their stay.

‘Curious Strolls Bath’ was started when Fay Greenhalgh, who had been doing walking tours of Bath for five years, became furloughed due to COVID-19 and the idea struck. She then bumped into Alison Levy and they decided to partner up.

Both Alison and Fay have created characters for their regency-style guided tours. Alison goes by La Duquesa Alfreda (The Duchess for short) who is of dubious noble Spanish lineage and has been widowed four times. The Duchess is in Bath to take the waters due to a touch of gout and to find husband number five. Fay goes by Mistress Moffette, “A Master of disguise and a woman many talents”. Her main claim is that she has nearly all her own teeth.

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Words by Lauren Forester