Club Supreme ★★★★½

Club Supreme is not just a theatre performance, it’s an experience. Become a member and you will achieve your full potential; join the Club and you will have access to your best self. The Worshipful Master is your saviour, he will help you become who you want. But is he really this trusting, helpful guide or is he controlling you?

This ironic, colourful, playful performance leaves you with an open comment on today’s “society of performance”, where people are bombarded with the idea of reaching perfection rather than being genuinely happy.

A big applause to the numerous production team, which worked collaboratively with Bath Spa Production and with the support of Nordland Visual Theatre and Arts Council England.  It succeeded to transport the audience into a different dimension with a masterful use of lights, costumes, music and scenography. The young actors have been able to engage the public and make it laugh, dance and participate at the Club Supreme experience.

An overall high quality contemporary theatrical performance that saw me leaving the Royal Theatre of Bath with a smile on my face and with something to think about, as theatre should do.

Review by Milena Paccani