Bring on 2021 with Beth & Mike

Wednesday: 7pm - 9pm

Wednesday's are hard, we all know that...

Join us, Beth and Mike, to get through hump day and see you across the week.

Having battled storm troopers and dueled Guardians across the Galaxy we've got the best selection of new tunes and good vibes to scream "Bring on 2021"

Every week we'll be opening the People's Parliament to debate the biggest issues in our lives, including Pizzas; crust or centre?

We've got a hot new local tune in Fresh Out The box, heartwarming stories in Beth Cruse's Good News, and real life practical dance lessons in Stainesy Come Dancing

Catch us every Wednesday 7 - 9 or follow on Instagram @bringon2021_

Together we'll open up the good vibes zone and scream #BringOn2021