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B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire Mass Vaccination Centre Officially Open

Local mass vaccinated centre open, vaccinations starting with over 80’s.

By Lauren Forester

Lisa Hodgson, the Operations Director for the B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire Mass Vaccination Centre is in charge of getting the vaccines up and running and making sure they do so in a safe and productive manner. The process of setting up the centre began in November and with the help from local police and fire service, the centre is able to start vaccinations from Wednesday 27th of January, starting with over 80’s.

They initially hope to vaccinate 450 people a day and plan to move up tp 900 from the 1st of February and stay there. Hodgson says she is not concerned about running out of vaccines despite many people’s concerns that there isn’t enough. She assured us that there is enough for everyone in the local area to receive their vaccine and that there are plans in place for everyone to get a vaccine.

The large sense of community is down to the large number of volunteers which has now reached over 100, with 20-30 on-site at any one time. Hodgson tells us that when you are invited to get a vaccination, you will receive a letter. She asks that you not arrive earlier than five minutes before your appointment time and not bring more than one support person, if they are needed, to reduce footfall and ensure the safety of others. She also asks the public to be mindful of their clothes as the vaccinations will need to be in the arm so loose sleeves are ideal. Once your vaccination is complete, you’ll be asked to wait ten minutes before driving home to ensure your safety but you should be in and out of the centre within 20 minutes.

Listen to Lisa Hodgson talk more about the vaccination centre in the interview below.

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