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Bath Spa University and Bath College have teamed up to launch their new RESTART programme.

By Lauren Forester

Bath Spa University and Bath College have teamed up to launch ‘Restart’, a program aimed at giving adults new skills and improving their existing ones. The program aligns with Bath College’s Adult Community program and available to anyone over the age of 19, regardless of age, background and previous education or employment experience.

Business Development Manager, Anthony Stimson, told us that ‘Restart’ launched in early November 2020 in recognition of all the people disrupted by unemployment who are looking to learn new skills to branch out in their career or start a business. The modules that are offered have strong themes of employability, such as advice on crafting a CV and interview tips, as well as proficiency in with online programs such as Zoom and Google Meet. There are also modules in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneur Skills for those looking to start a business. While participants can choose their modules to suit their needs, there is a strong focus on soft skills, such as confidence, resilience and problem-solving which are useful in all careers.

Courses will be delivered over a number of days in short sessions so learning can easily be worked in around homeschooling and other priorities making for an effective means of learning and providing structure to the day, while still being able to carry on with life.

‘Restart’ is maintaining a close relationship with employers to learn what they look for in potential employees. This ensures that ‘Restart’s content is continually evolving with employer demands. 

Restart’ is currently in the process of building a website which will be active soon but until then, to sign up, call 01225 328822 or email

Listen to Anthony Stimson talk more about the Restart programme in the interview below!

Breaking Bath · Anthony Stimson talks about ‘Restart’