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Are you a flavour-fiend? A taste-troubadour? A culinary-cavalier? ‘Savouring Bath’ invite you to ‘join the food and drink revolution’ and try out one their immersive tasting experiences.

‘Savouring Bath’ are a revolutionary food and drink company offering bespoke, immersive tasting experiences. On one of these tours you will be taken across Bath, meeting local foodies and trying exquisite local cuisine. 

Over the course of three hours, you will meet some of the culinary artisans that fill the city with flavour. You will sample treats from, ‘contemporary tea-houses, award-winning bakeries, expert cheesemongers’ and many more munchies that smack of Bath’s ‘Epicurean’ heritage.

Savouring Bath’s key aim is to ‘showcase independent businesses in the city’. Specifically, Savouring Bath looks to promote artisanal, unique, hand crafted products from in and around Bath.

Central to their tours is sharing historical titbits and anecdotes, both about the produce and the city itself. 

New to Savouring Bath’s extensive roster of experiences is a specialist cheese tour. It showcases both local and internationally renowned cheeses. This will run on Saturdays. This experience includes: informal palate training, visits to local cheesemongers, and culminates in a ‘cheese pairing’ session.

If you’d like an even more intimate experience, you can also book private tours.

Check out their website to book. 

They’re incredibly popular, so strike while the cheese is ripe!

Breaking Bath · Interview with Savouring Bath

Words by Jonathan R Parsonage