A feat of endurance to raise one million pounds

Cam Cameron recently visited the studio to chat to Tim & Nikki about The Rockall Expedition 2022 which is aiming to raise one million pounds for Children’s Hospice South West and the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity.

The challenge?
In June 2022 a team will land on Rockall Island, more than 200 nautical miles from the West Coast of Scotland, and the nearest civilisation. Their intention is to survive on the tiny island for one week battling winds and waves in order to raise £1,000,000 for charity.

Sounds simple enough. Except the island in question happens to be the most inhospitable place on the planet and only five people have managed to stay on the rock in history.

Former Bath resident (and native Scot) Cam Cameron discussed the planning for the expedition, what could go wrong, and why the team are putting themselves through this incredible endurance test.

Listen to the interview here and find out more about the work of the charities and the latest news for Cam and the rest of the team.