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24 Trees Planted in Bath City

A guide to the people preserving Bath’s nature and how to help.
By Katy Bishop (featured image: Unsplash)

The historic city of Bath is surrounded by lush greenery visible from every corner of the bustling centre. With famous green spaces such as the Royal Victoria park, Alexander park and Parade park, there is a green space for everyone. This surrounding natural environment, is known as the Bathscape and brings tranquillity to the city and the people who call it home. However, the scenic beauty that surrounds the city isn’t mother nature’s work alone, the Bathscape volunteers and partners are busy maintaining and growing the city’s natural environments.

“It’s all about improving the countryside around Bath and promoting it to the people.”
– Julia Kennaby (Volunteer coordinator for Bathscape)

The Bathscape volunteers embark on various projects around the city, with recent endeavours involving the planting of “24 trees” and the natural enrichment of the Burial Ground in Odd Down. With no space too big or small for the team of volunteers, chances are you’ve probably seen them digging around town. If you’ve ever wondered how you can get your hands dirty with the people responsible for Bath’s green spaces, here is a guide to helping out the green team.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with the Bathscape team, is a great way to support a community of people making a positive impact on Bath city, all whilst enjoying the green spaces the historic area has to offer. Bathscape volunteer coordinator, Julia Kennaby, shed a light on what volunteering with the group involves explaining that, “you don’t always have to do the whole day” and to simply bring you outdoor clothing and lunch as “the rest will be provided”. She described volunteering with the team as “a really enjoyable day, it’s a very satisfying thing to do”. With the team aiming to complete 25 Bathscape scheme projects, they are in need of around 800 volunteers to cover various activities, such as conservation and walk leading. But don’t worry if you’re new to outdoor leadership and activities, training is included.

How To Volunteer

To volunteer with Bathscape, complete the application form found on the Bathscape website or email

How To Support

The stunning greenery that surrounds Bath deserves to be enjoyed by everyone, but if exploring alone isn’t really your style, try attending one of the many Bathscape events. If the pandemic taught us anything it’s the power a simple walk outdoors possesses. Bathscape Wellbeing Walks are ideal for those midweek blues, taking place every Thursday, the walk involves various scenic routes to inspire.

If wildlife watching is more to your taste, join the Bird Walk along the river and canal. This event will allow you to truly appreciate the wildlife that surrounds and lives within the wonderful city.